World expanding
Night contained
Within a glass bottle
Formed of nothing
Shaped by clarity
Life – life the stopper
That keeps
Everything from spilling

Silent witness
As the sky rips
Itself open
On the sharp edge
Of light and air

Where in this sudden illumination
Am i?

Paper boats float down
Swift waters
Rising higher with tropical rains
Pushed under and broken
Yet some, one remain above
Riding the curious unknown

Close my eyes god let me go
Flow through this moment
This day this week this year
The river quiets again

Night swimming in calmer waters
Pleasant memory
time stands still
When old souls meet again
And joy leaps out
At first sight after so many years

Night moves through me
Limbs and rushing thoughts
Breathing in
Breathing out
Awake asleep
Untold and waiting to be written
Every line
Scrolls itself across the skin
What witness will the river
The night be
To the sudden surge ….
la tyson


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