jumping into the Nanowrimo madness once again


I have been debating for the past few weeks about whether or not I will throw my hat into doing Nanowrimo again this year. It will be my sixth year participating. My daughters have joined me in the past, and I am pretty sure at least one of them will be writing again this year. I am still not 100% sure that I will… but I probably will be jumping into the Nanowrimo madness once again.

The first five novels I wrote over the past five Novembers, have sat on my shelf, essentially untouched since I wrote them. I have not taken any time to reread them, edit or in any way polish the stories. Thinking back to each of them, I am not even sure that I finished them all properly. I have a sixth novel that I write prior to joining the madness of Nanowrimo, and to be fair, I have not touched at one either.

There are many reasons for why I have not gone back to the writing. I could give the convoluted list and make plenty of excuses about why. Life got in the way for the most part. Let’s say 75% is due to that. The other 25% is out of pure laziness. The paperwork was overwhelming and intimidating. I would rather do anything else than edit. It’s a terrible attitude to have, but still holds true. Of course, I won’t be getting around to editing or finishing any of those six novels for at least the next couple of months because I committed myself yesterday to writing my seventh. Hitting that 50K mark in November is a good feeling. It is what pushes me to try again this year.

I went through the list/ files of the novels I have saved in several safe places. It is hard not to think about each of the stories and I am surprised that I am itching to get back to them at some point. The first novel I wrote (which was in 2005 I think) is called Journey. The Nano novels are as follows:

2008 Unfolding the butterfly

2009 Birds and invented cages

2010 A thousand paper swans

2011 Something to lose

2012 Leaning toward sunlight

I have no idea what I will write about this year. I don’t like to plan. Each year, I sit down at midnight on October 31st, wait for that clock to cross over into the next day and the second it does, I start banging away on the keys.

There are many stories to tell. I just have to figure out which one will be loudest at midnight.




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