Hush you silly inner critic… I don’t want to hear what you are telling me!

zoomIt is funny – I have been poking around a bit with some writing lately, and my only thought today as I root around some more is, ‘I wonder how annoying it is that I am doing this’. Who is annoyed? Why would they be? The bigger question is, why am I even thinking about it? I suppose that it is my inner critic – who has taken on the voice of my dead stepmother – who is being vocal. Oh well, I am still rooting around like a pig snuffling for truffles in the woods.
I rediscovered a couple of months ago, my page. I had let it sit for quite a long while – which is somewhat the nature of the website, creating a static but virtual business card. I decided instead a couple of weeks ago to start using my page as a micro blog. It is a lesson in impermanence – for me, and for anyone who reads it. I don’t keep track of what I put up in my ‘biography’ section. I change it whenever I feel like. When I change it, everything that was previously written in the box is deleted. It’s just like cleaning dust off the palms of my hands. I have been posting photos, poetry, excerpts from short stories. I have no plan.
It is a nice way to blog. So far I am not bored with it. If you are curious… here is a little about me. 
Creating and re-creating that space has also lead to some interesting inspiration for my upcoming novel writing adventure (otherwise known as “ok-stab-me-now-in-the-eyeballs-nothing-I-write-makes-sense” or Nanowrimo as I mentioned in my last post). I had a thought during a workshop on Monday afternoon – a little seed of an idea for the novel. I jotted down some notes (and nothing more because that would be cheating). I felt good. I usually don’t think of anything before the contest starts. For five years already I have stared down the black hallway outside my bedroom and thought ‘What the hell am I going to write about this year?”.. NOT THIS YEAR! Even better, Monday night – I dreamed the bulk of the story. Made more notes yesterday about what I dreamed about. So that is also very good.
I think that the autumn season is my time, or at least it really seems to be. I am glad to be back writing after a long time with nothing flowing. Everything seems to happen in threes….



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