What the trees know


I am into day four of the new novel. I am keeping up with my daughter Sammy this year, but barely. She is writing late into the night. I did not write a word yesterday. There was just too much else to do (like make beef stew and cabbage rolls , and go walking in the woods while the sun was still shining). I made up for it this morning by writing a couple thousand words.

At the moment, the novel is called “What the trees know”. It may change, but probably not. The title sometimes is a starting point for me. It is the way I write poetry as well. One line sticks in my head and I can’t get rid of it. So far, the story is about an eight-year old girl living in the Rift Valley named Lucy. She is forced to flee her home after her brothers are attacked for hiding her. She escapes but barely. To help her not be overcome by fear, she retells herself a story that her father would tell her when she was much younger, called the Little one and the mountain. There are two other stories that will intersect with Lucy’s story eventually. Although I did not write yesterday, I did think a lot about the entire story and how it all might shape up.

Of course, in all the years I have used Nanowrimo to kickstart a novel … I have encountered more than a few curve balls… who knows what will happen!



Word count: 5388


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