polar vortex… say what?


It’s on everyone’s mind. I know. It’s on my mind. I didn’t sleep last night because of the freezing temperatures and high winds. It was -38C with the wind chill when I went to bed last night, and -40C when I got up at 6am. The term “polar vortex” is a new one. I think it used to be called an Arctic air mass back in the day. I remember these kinds of frigid January days when I was a kid. Bundled up so much that I couldn’t put my arms down with my snow suit on, I still went out to waddle like a penguin through the snow.  That is not to say that I enjoyed it. I also remember getting frost bite on all my fingers walking down our long country laneway when my family lived on the farm. We used to have our gym class outside in elementary school in the winter. We’d go to the outdoor rink  in Kinburn (before the community centre was built) and skate. I remember never wanting to leave the potbellied wood stove and I didn’t care if the hot chocolate afterwards scalded my entire mouth and throat when I drank it. Those were particularly bad days for my fingers.

Regardless – holy shit balls it is cold outside. I am no longer used to living in a city where the temperature in the winter was often colder than Moscow. I am starting to long for warm weather or at least a few extra blankets.

Once more – brr. I do love winter though. I think it is beautiful.

I hold out hope that the forecast is correct and we will see the temperature rise to double digits by the end of the week. My toes might actually thaw out by then.


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