celebrate the life you have

wings of paradise 195

I like to listen to the radio when I am driving, morning, afternoon, going to or from work, or to get groceries; it doesn’t matter. Most often I am listening to CBC Radio 2. I like the station because when there is chatter between the songs, it’s always interesting. This morning I woke up and found a post that they had shared through Facebook.. an article about a young man who’s great grandmother is battling lung cancer. He set up an instagram account for her, and has been taking photos as she has been going through treatment. It is beautiful and deeply touching to see the love exchanged between these two – and to see her beautiful spirit as she goes through treatment.  To read the full article about Instagranny please go here

As I was reading the comments and tweets that accompanied the photos, as well as looking at the photos I could not stop hearing the message ‘celebrate the life you have’. I think this is what touched me so much about how Zach and Betty are so willing to share her life right now, just how it is, with no apologies. That is a beautiful thing.

I have spent a lot of time in the past not celebrating the life I have. Certainly I have treasured it, and deeply loved parts of it, but there are other parts, uglier, darker parts that I could not find it in me to forgive and let go of. I still have not found the way to yet. Today, after reading this article and taking a peek into the lives of Betty and Zach, and the beautiful, unconditional love that they share for each other, I find myself thinking that maybe, yes, I can focus now on celebrating the life I have. No matter what happens, that, in the end, is all that truly matters.


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