finding inspiration

I have been thinking about what inspires me today… as I have been chugging through old files, trying to find some inspiration for a new project. The subject is in my head because of a question my daughter asked me a couple of days ago. Actually it was more like a statement… She asked me if I ever had days when I felt like I could not do a single thing creatively, like I was blocked by a wall, and nothing, no matter how much you wanted to do it, would come out. My answer was oh yes definitely. It happens. It is impossible to predict when it will happen, and for how long, or how big the “block” is… but it definitely happens.

It got me thinking this afternoon about what I do when I feel blocked creatively. I use a ‘technique’ that I affectionately call ‘book surfing’… I am sure that there are actual terms for the routine I go through in order to kick start myself  – but since this is my post, I am calling it book surfing. It actually doesn’t matter what it is called.. it is just what I do.

Technically, it does not just involve books. Sometimes I use random images combined with book surfing to create a triangle of moments that I can then use, if they trigger another thought or idea. Sometimes I get lucky. Sometimes I get lucky several years later.

In my digging today, I found some old book surfing triangles. What I did to create them was to take two books and a random image that I found to start. I randomly open each book to grab the first word or phrase that jumps out at me on the page I have turned to. Then I toddle off to the interwebs and Google/Bing/Bananaslug to look at photos based on a colour that again pops into my head.

Might work for my oldest and their quest to find inspiration. I think it just worked for mine.


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