through the lens

A rare thing happened today. I was asked while chatting with a colleague this morning about my photography and process. I made something up and blahblahed for awhile. I can’t actually remember what I said to her or how I answered her questions. To be honest, I have never thought about how I would articulate to someone about how I go about taking a portrait, or composing a photograph in my head before taking it. Up until today, no one has asked me.

My approach is the same as my approach to writing – I just do it. I don’t “think” I do. Of course, that wasn’t the answer that they were looking for, but it is the one that I gave. The truth is, I am continuously learning new aspects of the art of photography. I never want to stop learning. I can see through the portraits that I have taken over the past five years, how my eye has evolved, and continues to as I view my world through the lens.



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