Day Eight {nothing left behind}

Day 5.... ahhh sun

The last trace of park festival fell with the tents. Most of the garbage had been picked up and disposed of in the steel drums painted green to match the grass. Squirrel mafia ran through the trees looking for leftovers. Fanny sat on the bench closest to the bandshell waiting for the cathedral bells to start ringing before leaving to go home.

Few people walked in the park after lunch on Monday. Too much work to catch up on after the weekend. Fanny watched a squirrel fall into the garbage pail. It reappeared with a whole donut gripped between its teeth and claws. Fanny started to laugh.

The squirrel jumped down and went head first into the hole of the doughnut. Feet flailing, it tried to right itself without letting the prize go. Fanny watched unable to conceal her amusement. After a few moments struggling, the squirrel sorted itself out and ran in the opposite direction.

The bells began to ring as though on cue. Fanny reached for her backpack beside her. It was gone. She looked around and saw no one.



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