on the first day of Christmas


On the first day of Christmas….

After my friend Kevin challenged me to write a little something for each day during the 12 days of Christmas, I started digging through some old photos of mine for some memories of holidays gone by. I came across this photo of a little me at my grandparents’ house in Sudbury and thought I would share it for the first day.

I am a February baby, by the time my first holiday came around I was already walking and getting into trouble, which you can clearly see from the photograph. I am certain that I had been told more than once not to touch the tree, the tinsel or bows, but even at an early age, I was independent and curious. If I could give a gift this first day of Christmas to those who I love and care about it would be that same spirit of curiosity and willingness to explore that I had as a small child.

It is true, sometimes taking that kind of risk can land you in a whole pile of uncertainty (much like I find myself in right now as a matter of fact, after taking a huge leap of faith to leave a job of 22 years for another job only to find myself unemployed after 10 months there) but when the risk is to create a positive impact and change in your life and hopefully the lives of those around you, then it is worth it. How can it not be? Even when things feel like a disaster, there is opportunity to learn, improve, grow. You might not always be able to see it, but I have learned that taking the approach that a small child has to everything going on around them can help you become more open so that you can take a different view. It’s not easy, but it is possible.

To those who have supported me unconditionally throughout my life, who have been there to encourage, support, and love me even when I am being told there are limits or closed doors to deal with… thank you. There is a freedom in seeing opportunity that I finally am beginning to truly appreciate and understand. Like this little me in the photo ready to learn and explore everything that is shiny and new, I am ready to embrace whatever comes next. I know I can.


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