on the eighth day of Christmas


Occasionally we actually get winter here in St. Thomas and the temperature gets cold enough to freeze the lake at Port Stanley. It seems to happen later in the season that it used to, but the snow starts falling around November. It usually melts and leaves us wondering whether or not we will have a white or green Christmas in any given year. Growing up in Ottawa, that never was the case, not that I remember anyway. I remember living on the farm and walking down the quarter mile laneway to catch the bus with my skate laces wrapped around my fingers, thinking that the fields were like the Arctic tundra and questioning if I would ever make it out alive. I was a weird kid. I always made it and 9 times out of ten I had frostbite. I grew to love the endless white stretching out towards the horizon. It is one of the reasons why I love this photo of my kids walking on the pier at the beach. Untouched, unreachable and all there is left to do is walk. The Christmas season is not always an easy one. It can be incredibly stressful and heartbreaking. I think back to family gatherings that we used to have and how much pressure there was to have everything be just so. There was no time to just enjoy the moment, and enjoy each other. I make a conscious effort now to stay present and not worry about things that shouldn’t be part of the day. Spending time with my kids helps. I am glad that this Christmas the three of us can wake up Christmas morning together. When you strip away everything else, being with the ones you love and enjoying every moment is what matters. Maybe we will go for a walk on the beach that day too.

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