on the eleventh day of Christmas


Building snowmen, not surprisingly, is a winter tradition in our household, and has been since the kidlets were young. Whenever the snow is right, we have taken the opportunity to build a snowman together. Now that they are older, the building of the snowman usually devolves into a snowball fight of sorts. Last year, a couple of weeks before Christmas, I spent a weekend up in Georgetown during the ice storm. I was able to occupy my neice and nephew for awhile by building a snowman with them. It was great. We built an good size snowfolk and when we were done, both of the kids gave him a big hug before going inside for hot chocolate. Later that night, when the power went out when my neice and nephew went to sleep, my kids and their uncle moved the snowman to stand just outside the living room window looking in at the Christmas tree. I had told the kids earlier that I had a funny feeling about that snowman. I wish I could have captured their faces in a photo when they saw the snowman peeking in the next morning.


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