on the twelfth day of Christmas


Well, it looks like we are going to get a green Christmas this year. I was wondering how I could finish up this series of memories, struggling again with remembering the details from past celebrations. I came across this photo that I took a few years ago of the girls down at Port Stanley. The waves were frozen solid and we could walk on them safely. Seeing thisphoto today reminds me that even when the lake is stormy and the waves are huge, there is a moment when you can stand on top and overcome.

I believe that this year is a memory in the making, and it feels right to finish with this thought. I am especially blessed this month and this Christmas, to be surrounded by old friends who have let me know in so many ways that I am not alone. Losing my job unexpectedly, then going through the health “challenges” that I have been dealing with, and the other related stress involving my former employer… it was enough to push me far off track and leave me struggling to make ends meet.

If I ever doubted before that I am loved, I will never doubt again. It really doesn’t seem enough to say Thank-you, but I do thank everyone who has helped make this Christmas possible, and very memorable. With your help, I am standing on the top again, and will continue to do what I do best – help others.

Whatever the future holds for me in the coming months, I will go forward with a full heart and friends at my back. A person could really not ask for more.

Merry Christmas xo


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