seven days

my little red box

A week has already passed, and I am still committed to sharing poetry every day to celebrate National Poetry Month. I have been digging into my archives and putting pen to paper to create some new pieces. I am also enjoying the poems that others are sharing in my sphere of friends and in places where I least expect to find them. This is good.

I had an interesting conversation with my oldest on the weekend. They went to Toronto with friends on Saturday to go to the poetry slam finals there. Still filled with the excitement and wonder of the night before, they are now even more in love with poetry than they were before. A few weeks ago, my youngest attended a poetry conference and has been inspired to keep a poetry notebook. That they both are writing their own work makes me very happy. I find it inspiring as well.

When I was growing up, writing poetry was definitely not the cool thing to do. It didn’t stop me from writing. I still have the first poem I wrote when I was fifteen tucked away in a journal. I am happy that my children not only are writing, but have friends and a community to share their poetry with. I am happy that it is “cool” now and poetry has become more accessible for the next generation. I am glad that my kids won’t have to wait until they are in their thirties to share their voice.  I am glad that writing brings them a sense of excitement and joy. I am equally happy that receiving poetry, hearing it performed live and experiencing it firsthand brings them inspiration too.

So, I continue on my 30 days of sharing – one poem a day, with a little prose and photography thrown in occasionally for good measure.



One thought on “seven days

  1. cote8050

    that is great, I love seeing young people really getting into poetry. To me poetry is the story of human emotion and life…. my friends and I are all trying to write a new poem everyday this month. We did it last April and had a lovely time reading them to each other amid candlelight, wine and cheese, great time. Great work, that you for posting, Michelle.



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