Dear Me… 5 years later

2nd letter to me


I wrote myself a letter five years ago. I just found a copy of it. It is titled “2nd letter to me”. I am not sure where the first one is or why exactly I wrote to myself like this… a writing assignment perhaps – I cannot remember. I am glad I found it again today. I needed the reminder. I should write more handwritten notes to myself just because.


“November 16, 2010

Think of all the beauty
still left around you
and be happy.

– Anne Frank.

Dear Me

I have been thinking about this quote I found this afternoon. I want you to remember it. remember who wrote it, the circumstances she lived in when she wrote it and be grateful that her gift of wisdom has reached you after so long and at such a great distance.

this is an invitation to not only see the beauty around you regardless of how difficult the circumstances might be but it also is an invitation to share it. You know this – there is beauty in any ordinary day. It is more than just a concept… you live it and I want to remind you that you do. Just be yourself.

Last night a beautiful reminder came – it humbled you, made you smile, and let’s be honest it made you feel good and happy. Unexpected notes of appreciation do that, and so do ones like this.

I appreciate you and honour the person that you are. Not everyone will ‘get’ you and that’s ok. Just keep being you and let yourself be happy.
You deserve it.




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