getting my hands dirty and trolling myself



I took a little break from writing on the weekend to do some work in clay. The last time I played around with clay was art class in 1989… 26 years ago. The inspiration for this knitting troll came from a number of my friends sharing a photo of a knitting bowl with me via email and on FB. Unfortunately, the only one that I found on Etsy is in a store that doesn’t ship to Canada, so I was faced with the opportunity to just create my own. So I did.

The little fellow is busy drying now and when he is fully dry I will give him a bit of colour, but you get the idea. He will be my companion as I work on whatever project happens to be on the go at the time. At the very least, he and I will have some interesting conversations – especially when I discover I have messed up or dropped stitches.



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