Quietlaughter Imagine Create Become


I decided to play around with some ideas that I had to create some free posters to share here, just for fun.

Imagine. Create. Become is a slogan that I adopted many years ago, and have tried to incorporate in my every day life. It is difficult to make something happen if you do not first have a picture or inspiration of it in your mind. Creativity goes hand in hand with imagination. It is through both I believe that we can transform and become something (or someone) new with each new moment. Everything is connected.



2 thoughts on “imagine.create.become

  1. kahwahtan

    I use a similar self-inspiration phrase too….Making an impact with artistic images……when I shoot for clients or for myself. These simple words guide my attitude towards each working day.


    1. Leigh-Anne Fraser Post author

      I think it helps me to be more open, in a creative and emotional way to whatever is being done. In some ways it becomes a moving meditation for me… and definitely helps me to have a positive attitude no matter what the job is!



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