Beginnings and endings this week are bittersweet as my youngest heads off to university on Labor Day. It’s an emotional time for me as I am faced with an ’empty nest’ for the first time. I am extremely proud of my daughter, of both of my kids, for being able to follow their dreams and continue their learning. I remember the day in detail when I moved into residence at Western University back in September 1990.

I had just returned from Senegal and even though I had traveled to the other side of the world, lived with strangers in a house made of clay in the middle of the jungle, I was very nervous. I took a Greyhound from Ottawa to London, then a taxi from the bus station to Huron University College. I was a bundle of nerves. It took a little time to adjust but that was definitely one of the best times of my life. I am certain that it will be for both my kids.

I think of my daughter as she heads off in her own direction and take comfort knowing that I am only 25 km away not further if she needs me. I will learn how to Periscope the antics of her cats while she is gone so that she can see them from time to time. I will probably have to learn how to facetime and take Vines as well. That’s ok. The cats are patient characters who will provide her with entertainment I am certain.

When I am not creating for her, I will learn to enjoy my solitude.

I am sure that my reflection on this will continue. I might even write more about it.

Change is the only constant.


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