perfect storm and the number eight


I have nothing prepared for the weekend. It will be a perfect storm on Saturday: a full moon, Halloween, Daylight Saving and Nanowrimo begins at midnight. I toyed with the idea of creating a plan for novel eight but I didn’t get around to doing that. I did make some notes on an old story idea that I have had for almost a decade, but I don’t think it will be the story that I end up starting to write tomorrow. I think the best approach will be the one that I have used for the seven years previous… wait until midnight, and see what comes up. Daylight Saving will give me an extra hour to sort that out too.

I did create some fake album covers that will help to propel me along throughout the month, when I have those “oh my god what do I write” moments. Otherwise, I will just write.

in conversation

in disguise

in passing

I still remember the day my writing mentor Sandra Jensen asked me when I was going to write a novel. It seemed impossible back then in 2007 that I could even attempt to write one, let alone actually do it, but 7 novels later, I realize that the only obstacle was me. As soon as I got out of the way with the thought that I couldn’t do it, I wrote one. This is what I will do tomorrow; just get out of the way and let the words come. It won’t be easy. It’s not meant to be. I will do it though because I can.

I will share some excerpts from time to time throughout the month. The words will be raw, unedited and unpolished. To be honest, that sums up pretty much all of what I post here, but in this case, the posts will be a little longer and more frequent than in the past.

In the meantime, I should probably pick up some Halloween treats to hand out to the kids who come to building because I have nothing for them. Maybe a little extra for the writer too.



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