back to the page (with a little help)



In spectacular fashion (not really) I am back to writing. I had a little help yesterday afternoon, and by help I mean of course, many inpurruptions, but I am writing. The beginning of a new project with the working title ‘the breathing of trees’… which will turn into what I have no idea. Also I have to thank a friend for letting me know that I had let this site lapse. Filling my days and hours with other projects for other people, I wasn’t paying attention to my own work. Now that is fixed, I will get back to it. Back to the page, back to the woods with my camera… just back to it in general. The wintersleep is over.


2 thoughts on “back to the page (with a little help)

  1. kahwahtan

    activity does stir positive vibes/emotions in us as compared to hibernation/inactivity. I have been in hibernation from art since Jan 2016 but will move soon I think via buying new canvas/paper….

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    1. Leigh-Anne Fraser Post author

      that is good that it is time to buy new paper and canvas! I think you are right – there is a period of hibernation that I seem to go through as well. I don’t write or do very little creative activity.. and then the rush comes!



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