unexpected hello




Now that spring is springing and we are getting some warmer weather, I find myself being pulled outside (instead of huddling under layers of blankets in my apartment). A couple of Sundays ago I went for a hike in Komoka Provincial Park. It was my first time hiking there, although I have been living in the area for about twenty-five years. I am glad I took the time to go in and walk the paths. While hiking on the white route, I encountered this trio. They were walking towards me and didn’t hear me coming. It wasn’t until they made their way around the bend that they saw me in my bright red winter coat through the trees. They stopped. I stopped. The lead deer started to stamp the ground, which I took as a sign to move off in another direction, but not before I took a few photos.

There is something humbling for me to come face to face with an animal that is as big if not bigger than I am. Fortunate that I learned at a young age to walk quietly in the woods, and that there were no other hikers near me so that we could stand watching each other for a time. Maybe on my next hike I will bring my ‘good’ camera and have some luck again. For now, this is a lovely memory.


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