word wrestling


I got almost to the halfway mark for National Poetry Month this month. Almost but not quite. Close counts in horseshoes and hand grenades as my father and grandfather used to say. I am feeling a little sorry that I could not wrestle any more words out of myself. It wasn’t because the words were elusive, but more because I ended up having a very intense month with working and volunteering that there was not much time left for reflection.

I did get the chance to sit in on my very first slam poetry night this month, which was pretty awesome. It was the finals for the London chapter, and my oldest was performing (along with her partner and best friend). It was an inspiring night. I really enjoyed myself, in spite of the gigantic crowd shoved into the London Music Club (I am really not good with crowds). I will definitely check it out again sometime next month or the one after that.

I am trying something new for the month of May where my writing is concerned. I am going to… wait for it…. edit a few pieces and send them out. I have a project that I have been working on for a few years now and it is probably time to wrap that one up so that I can tackle something else. I don’t really like to write about the writing I am doing (beyond a little bellyaching but that’s because the fur nerds do not listen well at all) – but I am excited about the project being mostly done and ready for the next stage. Not sure when I will get that next stage done, but doesn’t matter. I’m not in a hurry.

I’ll try to get back to wrestling words here as well – no guarantees.




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