after the music


more photos from the weekend here:


Over the weekend, I was one of about 150 volunteers who helped to cultivate the Home County Music and Art Festival in Victoria Park, London, Ontario. I sit on the board and have been working with an amazing team of individuals all year to get everything ready for the three day festival. Now that the weekend is over, and I have had a good solid 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I can sit down and look back (and appreciate) everything that we accomplished. In a week or so we will get together as a team to go over some of the finer details of what we could improve upon next year etc, but for now, I am happy to sit in reflection.

While I spent a great deal of the weekend in the admin trailer working, I did have the honour of announcing a few musicians and workshops over the course of the weekend. Being asked to introduce Lindy Vopnfjörð who performed between The Kramdens and The Sadies on Friday night was a treat. The humor was not lost on me being paired with Lindy. I am 5′ 3 1/2″ and he is 10 feet tall. My oldest commented afterwards that I looked especially tiny on stage. I bet I did! I also was lucky enough to introduce the Music in Folk workshop with John Wort Hannam, David Francey and Scallywag on Sunday afternoon. The joy for me was not so much being on stage but to have the opportunity to meet everyone, chat briefly and most of all listen to them perform. I was thankful that I managed not to trip on any cords while doing my job, and that I could retreat to the trailer afterwards! One moment I will never forget was joining everyone onstage at the end of the festival for the finale. The one time being the short one actually paid off and I found myself front and center.

I will admit my favorite time spent at the festival, outside of working, was wander listening with my camera. The festival always rekindles my love of live music, and reminds me over and over again that there is just no way to replace the experience of standing next to a stage with musicians from three different bands who all just decide to jam together over Neil Young. Amazing. The Kramdens, Twin Fin and Elliott Brood came together for the Folk ‘n Roll workshop and just killed it. There are a lot of memorable moments from Home County over the years, and that workshop will definitely go down as one of the top ones.

Thank you goes out to all of the volunteers and musicians who made the magic happen this weekend. As I start now to prepare for surgery at the end of next month, I will look back on Home County this weekend with great fondness and fill my recovery with music that I was able to scoop up at the Merch tent!


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