spring cleaning



I have been making small attempts to do some spring cleaning here… I have been feeling like it is time to throw open the windows and doors and let some fresh air in after a long winter. The truth is, it hasn’t been a hard winter in my neck of the woods this year. We had a few dicey snow days but otherwise, relatively low key compared to other parts of the country. My creative life has been reflected in the waiting for the big storm, in the hunkering down in preparation for freezing temperatures and ice storms, and then the relief that nothing terrible arrived. Nothing arrived at all except a light dusting of snow.

The hurry up and wait will be replaced soon by warmer temperatures, budding trees and blooming flowers. I cannot wait. But while I do (because of course it is just March and we will probably get another storm or two) I will gently massage the structure of this site, perhaps get back to more writing and definitely more sharing.

I have been trying to organize some photos for a portfolio – not that I have any plans to show it to anyone, but I hear that is a good exercise to do when you are trying to sort out the kind of photographer you are ( I really don’t know) or the direction you would like to take next (yep, no clue). Instagram has been a bit of a testing ground for that, and the thought is to expand some of the collections here. With the warmer weather also comes the ability to get out with the camera more, which will add to the collections/ portfolio.

Ideas are percolating and what shape they will take in the long run, we will just have to wait and see. Kind of like waiting for those first spring flowers to finally push through the debris left by winter.




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