taking a break, reducing noise

I took a step yesterday evening that I probably should have done awhile ago, but did not for a variety of different reasons… I deleted all social media apps from my phone and am taking an official break from all things social media for a couple of weeks. It feels strange to even writing it down/ announce it, but it is necessary. I am sensitive to the fact that because of the many circles I am connected to, if I simply disappeared, there would be issues (unnecessary ones) and I will avoid that as much as I possibly can. It goes against my agreeable nature to make others worry or cause a ruckus. I like to be drama free, but where social media is concerned, we all seem to walk on egg shells sometimes no matter what we do.

I suppose technically writing here is a form of social media, but any interaction is a bit more arms length and less immediate. I have my reasons for taking a break elsewhere. The biggest one being self-care. I am also frustrated with some of the platforms that have shifted from social connection to billboards in such a drastic manner when I sign in I am seeing old posts under ‘most recent’ or a slew of advertisements that I don’t care about. I am fairly good at balancing the different parts of my life but lately, people are very demanding, and I need some time off. So, I am walking away. Well, clicking away (and rolling around in my desk chair) to refocus on returning to simpler tasks and reducing the noise.

I have no plan, other than to perhaps write more if the moment strikes, get outside more now that the weather is finally warmer and free of snow and ice, and simply take a break from having my energy drawn in too many different directions. I will be actively engaged in the spring cleaning of my soul.



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