my voice

my voice has grown thin in this storm

with the coming and going of waves

the rising tide

and boats crashing in the harbour

you will continue to tell me 

how to feel 

though you are dressed now 

in different clothes

fighting for annihilation 

of what you have sewn up 

into justice 

for those you hate

toes in the sand against the shoreline

I watch the sky for glimpses of stars

through broken clouds

the storms breathes to gather strength

debris litters the beach 

as the waves crash in front of me

I have been kissed in awkward silence

an impuslive unwanted moment that ended

when I went home alone, unharmed

I have been asked to do something 

I did not want to do and no was enough 

I have been touched when I have not wanted to be

I have been raped and no was not enough

I have been beaten by one I loved

until bruises filled my chest and arms

were filled with sleeves of black tattoos 

knowing that difference 

has now not become enough 

for you

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