writing poetry in the waiting room

writing poetry in the waiting room worn seats in lines  bland taupe comfortless oblivious  to the pain and discomfort  of others I wait for my child’s return alone in a quiet corner somewhere a doctor watches  over them does what I cannot do heal, find answers or  more questions all I can do is wait  […]



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thirty days of poetry

I have tried, I am sure of it, to join in the madness of writing a poem a day for thirty days before. I have done the November counterpart for novel writing for 9 years. The poetry month challenge popped up on one of my newsfeeds somewhere, and now I am caught in the thin, […]

Happy National Poetry Month!

I realized this morning, thanks to a friend, that April is National Poetry Month. I don’t know who decides these things, or what nation it is celebrating but when it comes to poetry, I think everyone should join in. I make no guarantees that I will be able to share a poem a day for […]

Poetry Sunday

Poetry Sunday An exercise in attracting life: 1. heal the soft morning light above with magic like time has the rid embrace change ~ 2. we embrace to heal with the soft, slow morning light ocean poetry ~ 3. celebrate blue sky healing is at sacred stream ask universe and fly ~ 4. born a […]

To Weird Hollywood Poetry

How is it I have watched you through The polished shop window Hanging just so off of the mannequin And ever dared to introduce myself Many times, I saw my reflection Walking by As the sunlight danced off the smooth surface But recently, I found myself Standing for a long time watching (the window not […]