lines on the page drawn with a careful hand outlines move in slow curves to the centre crossing over in unexpected intersections blank pages slowly fill colour pulled by sunlight sneaking through cracks we are okay alone living in the corners of our soul but together is better when the lines meet before continuing onContinue reading “intersection”

I have let these threads

I have let these threads weave between us in loose and fragile patterns that complicates itself in the futility of existence I go and return to you as the sun passes the window pulling light into corners where it has not touched yet before leaving again I wake and sleep not moving in this isolationContinue reading “I have let these threads”

182 days

one hundred and eighty two days blurred together like paint smeared on canvas like a photograph left too long in the sun like gibberish dreams that fill the night nothing makes sense silence binds isolation with threads left dangling, untended to knot in the early fall winds introspection dances on the edge with uncertainty avoidanceContinue reading “182 days”

the second girl, waiting

torn fabric lets the light in old curtains hang on the windows slightly askew she stands there the second girl, waiting with her back to the wall leaning into the moment one hand braced behind light becomes distraction playing along the wall with abandon the second girl shifts in place watches the shadows join inContinue reading “the second girl, waiting”