white petals gather

white petals gather piling in concrete corners city trees bow low Advertisements

rolling see of blue

rolling sea of blue looking for the horizon heart blends with the sky

filled with gratitude

filled with gratitude we sit with the setting sun still in golden light


sunshine drowns the fieldshorizon touched by bluein between grows love

piano sits still

piano sits stillfive minutes to breathe musicevening grows older

drops collect on leaves

drops collect on leavesthe day folds itself inwardgently holding pearls ~morning bows to rising sunbranches shiver with the dew~

To Weird Hollywood Poetry

How is it I have watched you through The polished shop window Hanging just so off of the mannequin And ever dared to introduce myself Many times, I saw my reflection Walking by As the sunlight danced off the smooth surface But recently, I found myself Standing for a long time watching (the window not my reflection) Thinking about the possibility Of trying you…