Breathing out, breathing in

Breathing out, breathing in
Seeing fish and letting them swim
Looking out the window, looking in
Searching tomorrow and everywhere I have been
Like a spring breeze you pass through me
Sun burst through the clouds
Every drop of rain
You are gone again


Soft petal crimson

Soft petal crimson
Touched by dewdrops
Kissed by morning sun
In silence born
Unfolding with wings
Butterflies and spring breezes
Fragile breathless beauty

I watched the blades of grass

I watched the blades of grass
Dip and bend with the wind
The clouds flap like drying sheets
On the line – constant movement
Wild flowers scent the air
Woven into my hair, my fingers
I lay back watching
In silent reverie
The birds sang sweetly today
And a grasshopper
Kissed my knee
Before leaping away
Still dark night
Stars brightly shine
Shower down in streams of light
Heart beats thunder
Palms turned upwards
Stars fall to kiss
My hands
Slip beneath the surface
Water molds to every body curve
Moonlight dances
On cresting waters
Quiet joy

Stone finds its place

Stone finds its place
At the river’s bottom
Between the water and sand
Current surges and swirls
Stone moves unexpectedly
To tumble and turn
Then find its place once again
At the river’s bottom
Between the water and sand
Does the stone shape the water around it
Or does the sand and water shape the stone?

Snow falls in hushed silence

Snow falls in hushed silence
I watch one snowflake in effortless labor
Drift to the soft emerald boughs
Of cedars and pines
The window fogs as I lean
Too close to the glass
The cold creates an intricate design
That takes on life of its own
Crystals spreading
Creating breath taking lace
To dress the pane of glass
I shrug my coat on
And enter this snow filled room
Drawn to the snow piles
To fall with the flakes
To lie face up, eyes closed
In the hushed silence

Sun rises over the roof tops

Sun rises over the roof tops
Pale, yellow light spills through
The spidery frost on the window.
Another morning.
Hand opened on the bed,
Sunlight in the palm
Nothing to hold on to
Nothing to grasp
Light coming and going
Here and there
Caught in the crystal,
Hanging in the corner of the window
Shattered light is painted
On the bare walls.
Even colour is elusive
As the sun climbs higher
In the winter sky.
Another day.
Dream remnants fly
with the wind outside.
Another night dissolves with
One last breathless kiss

Water cascades

Water cascades
Leaping off rock ledge
Falls effortlessly to the
Still deep blue pond below
Lush green ferns grow
In fertile soil
Around the water’s edge
Drinking deeply from the source
Sit quietly as the water
Wait for the sun
To raise each drop of water up
To sit among the clouds
Only to tumble once again to earth
To cascade
An endless stream
Flowing into itself