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Thunder of a Butterfly Wing ~ poetry 2001-2005

Well, after a lot of prodding and cajoling from friends, I finally got around to finishing and publishing a collection of poetry that I wrote between 2001 and 2005. This is the first book in a series that I hope/ plan to release before the new year. Putting everything into a collection has been a little project that I have had in the back of my head for a long time but never took the time to put together. The photographs that accompany each poem are my own – taken around my home, at local parks and places that I love to walk as well as from some travelling I’ve done recently. As the other books are up and ready to go, I will share their launch here.

Hope you enjoy!

Thunder of A Butterfly Wing by Leigh-Anne Fraser



Any Ordinary Day

I was thinking earlier today that it is time to start working on a new book. I put together this book in October 2008 – my first foray into putting anything anything into print. I did it for myself, for my daughters as well. It was good work, a fun project to work on and a push for me to do something more with my writing and photography than keep it hidden (which was essentially what I had been doing prior to that). I don’t know what I will create from the scads & scraps but, it will be fun to think about. I have a couple of ideas kicking around in the old brain socket though…

You can still preview the first fifteen pages of Any Ordinary Day here if you like. Creating this book was such a positive boost for me personally. I know that it doesn’t count in the actual publishing world – which is just fine. I didn’t work on this project for that reason. Sometimes, I just need to do things for the sake of doing them – to say yes, I can do this. I think I have another go and unleash my creative self! One of my May projects just decided. Whoooo!