on being a geek in nerd shorts

ok… I am not wearing shorts. It’s too bloody cold outside still. It is going up to 14C on Friday though, and that’s tanning weather in Canada.

I actually enjoy being a geek sometimes. I also have been known to wear nerd shorts on more than one occasion. I don’t mind. Should I be concerned when someone one refers to me as ‘smarty pants’ I think of candy coated Smarties? It makes me hungry just thinking about it.


Already I am veering off topic. This is how much of a geek I am. I just finished organizing and labeling my Google Bookmarks. I am very good at bookmarking websites that capture my interest for whatever reason. I am not usually very good at keeping track of those things that I have bookmarked/ dog-eared. Today, I felt compelled to go through the list that I had accumulated and do a little sorting. At first, I thought that it was going to be like slogging through a mountain of mismatched socks. I really dread doing that. Inevitably there are a handful of socks that just don’t have partners. Someone ends up in tears, usually me, and the project often is abandoned mid-way through or when the coffee has gotten cold. My coffee is cold now, but thankfully, I am done sorting.

What I have discovered in doing this bookmark spring clean, is that I have fallen over some pretty interesting websites over the past year. It is interesting to go back through and look at the kinds of sites that I had bookmarked. I have a nice inventory now of sites that friends of mine have – some blogs, some stores, cd promotions and videos. Made me smile to visit their sites, and a little guilty that I had not been back sooner to visit. Luckily they are still my friends, and they know that I love them. I have now, no excuse not to visit because everything is labeled and ordered…. Promise!

Other sites that I shoved under the title “Interest” (I am clever with names aren’t I?) I realized after going through them, are particularly interesting. Some very cool artistic sites, writers, artists, musicians, and related projects. I am enjoying revisiting them as well. I find it interesting and inspiring to reconnect.

Then there is the smattering of other sites that I have been gleaning from the interwebs – for my own artistic purposes. Additional inspiration and things that make the top of my head tingle (though that could be because I had too much coffee this morning!?)

So, what is the point of all this? I have this collection of websites, information, ideas, inspiration floating around my web browser – what to do about it? Well aside from the sorting and labeling – which is part of the “what to do” process, I believe the main point is the reconnect with that person I was at the time that I found each of the sites. Who was I then? What was I looking for? Did I find it? If I found it, did I immediately lose it – whatever “it” was?

I actually don’t think I need (or want) to answer those questions – not directly anyway. I believe that my point is that in any given moment, something grabs me and it is for that moment. If I find it again, then it is for this new moment. It does inspire me, provoke me, pull me along like a rabbit to a marshmallow tree. In a strange way, I am reminded of a play I did when I was 12. I played Hansel in a musical production of Hansel and Gretel in Ottawa. It was a fantastic experience – but that isn’t why I am writing about it. I am suddenly reminded of a scene where I had to follow an untidy trail of peppermint candies across the stage. I bent down each time and shoved them into my pocket at each rehearsal. By the end of the scene, my pockets were bulging. I would give out the candies to everyone else in the play after we were done rehearsing, but inevitably I would find a couple that were left in that pocket on the way home from rehearsal. These bookmarked pages are like that – peppermint candies in my pocket.

Ok, now I’m hungry.



Sweating the Small Stuff

I have been thinking a lot these days about details. When it comes to writing, I believe that I should always just give enough, not too much in the way of details – no point overloading the reader or myself for that matter. There is an art to doing this, however, and I have far from perfected it. I have been trying to retrain my mind lately, over the past few months especially. I didn’t set out to do so when I started this new ‘project’. In fact, I started simply because it was fun and I enjoyed it. Now, though, I realize that I was working on an entirely different level, to develop the art of paying attention to the details. So, what the hell am I talking about? I am talking about designing and photographying in 1:6 scale. A friend introduced me to the Fashion Royalty dolls designed by Jason Wu for Integrity Toys. These aren’t your average Barbie. I have set myself to the task of creatively photographing these dolls, creating sets/ dioramas for them and my daughters to enjoy, and most of all to pay strict attention to details.

What does this have to do with the writing process? It is maybe to early for me to really understand the full impact of this kind of training. Already though, I know that my skills in portrait photography have improved, and my eye for detail in a set has become sharper. I think it does filter through to my writing as well. I realized this after sitting down to write the latest assignment from DD last night. There was a moment in the hour that I spent writing when I realized I was ‘seeing’ the entire story very clearly. It isn’t unusual that I ‘see’ what I am writing – I find it very easy to connect with a story as it comes up this way. The action and characters come to life in my mind and I feel like I am simply the witness to what is going on, meant to transcribe/ record it all. Last night it wasn’t what I saw, but how I saw it, that made me realize that my mind was actually in the process of being retrained ( yes do a little whoot and a chair dance for me…)

Not paying attention to details has been something that has ‘bothered’ people in my daily life. There is a part of me that really has never given a rat’s ass about details. I have been living and breathing the concept of not sweating the small stuff. Now, I want to sweat the small stuff.

and then continue to write just enough.


by the way, if you would like to see more of the dolls, the designs etc. you are welcome to have a look at Lala’s Dress. I have posted some of my favorites there. 🙂

here we go again

The sun is shining. I should be outside shoveling the foot of snow that fell yesterday, but I can’t be bothered. I actually can’t be arsed to but I can’t really say that out loud. It’s not what good girls say. I decided in a spontaneous moment that I would delete all of my old writing posts (all eight of them) and started writing again. This time, rather than posting the stories, which in the long run, if I want to do anything with them, I should probably keep to myself more, I thought I would write more about the process, my process while writing. It might be entertaining or incredibly boring, but either way, I am going to do it.

I realized last night, one of the most compelling experiences I have had recently was while I was taking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for those not in the know… visit http://www.nanowrimo.org )last November. It seems like so long agin that I wrote a story, and then, I wrote about writing the story. I loved being able to do that, and while I don’t have the same kind of energy now that I did in November, I hope to at least tap into a little bit of it. Being able to write about what I am writing somehow spurs me on and drives me to write more. I suppose it is the story that demands to be written accompanied by the inner dialogue the story provokes in me… this could serve as a warning then…

Here I am, beginning again and saying yes to whatever arrives. What does arrive might not be very pretty or entertaining… heck it might not even be interesting…. but it will definitely be part of the bigger process of getting that story knocking on the inside of my skull out.