Candle in the window

Candle in the window
Flame gutters and dips
In the breeze
Open my hand
Feel the air’s caress
Briefest kiss
Then gone again
Moonlight spills across
The windowsill
Sleepless eyes
Watch another night
Pass by
Sitting in stillness
A raindrop resting
In the lake
Blossom’s first breath
On the branch
The sky’s blush
In morning light


Words written in the sand

Words written in the sand
For the ocean and sky to see
A few lines gently drawn
A gift of earthly poetry
Each retreating wave
Brings these words to one
What cannot be said with breath
By hand’s caress is done
The breeze quietly rises
Over the water’s serene face
As the last sun shows
Each word’s last trace
This gift now sent
To mingle in the deep blue
One day to reach your shores
That you may know these words
“I love you”

The rain is singing against

The rain is singing against
The glass of the window
Take off your coat and stay
While I make you some coffee
I watched the drops
Collect along the sill
Waiting for you to return
Earlier I walked in the evening sun
I saw the river flow to the sea
Bathed in golden light
Stay here with me
In this perfect moment
If tomorrow is goodbye
Still, I will have held you
Here beside me
You smile at me
Over the top of your coffee mug
As I sit

Thunder rolls and cracks

Thunder rolls and cracks
Outside the window
Rain falls in endless streams
While lightning flashes across the sky
Sitting in this storm
I turn to this beauty
As if in a dream
No looking, just seeing
Then in the stillness
After rain stops falling
And the thunder moves
To whisper in the distance
I do the same
A bird flies
A flower blooms
A river flows
I am home
Sitting in this brilliant mystery
Placed upon my palm
There is no holding
Only its release
A butterfly finds its wing
Beauty fills me
Though I know it has always been
A waterfall fills the quiet pool
A wave on the ocean
A firefly light in the night
Completes me

This day, like any other slips by me

This day, like any other slips by me
Like a breeze through a screen door
A whisper roars in my ears
Like a thunder of wings
I find myself standing in a gale
The windows rattle and I laugh
Whisper or roar
When the wind lays down to rest
The waters grow quiet and return to glass
To reflect the moon there
Dancing a slow tango with the stars
Moving through the sky until daybreak
For now, quietly laughing
I do not know the light of tomorrow
Yet here, the sun still shines

Wrapped in the evening sky

Wrapped in the evening sky
The moon lights a path
I climb through the tree branches
To walk among the stars
Wandering with no where to go
This freedom dresses me in
Silver and gossamer dew
Stepping over glittering jewels
In bare feet, I continue
My aimless trek
Until the moon slumbers
And morning light kisses the sky
Then, I will lay my head down
And rest.