hopping a barbedwire fence

Many years ago, I had the privilege of being part of a writing group called Diving Deeper. There were many writers from all over the world who gathered together to talk about writing, about going deeper into our story telling, and diving into the places we really didn’t want to write about. Being able to […]


my face reflects in the window blue lit gaze my fingers move across keys while I watch the rain the days blur into each other even checking the calendar can be dangerous I counted three times before I was sure that sixteen days had passed water drops mix with fog on the glass I tap […]

yellow notebook

still has the price tag on the back neon orange sticker warning me that for a $1.99 broken wounded lines will scatter themselves in black ink visible in the sunlight scrawled over torn pages until the crisp cover is worn down a hundred days of verse upturned by the rage of existence separate me from […]

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You will always

Day 30 you will always be safe with me to unload your heart on a sea of tears or to rage in the last few hours of the day to laugh through the veil to question and share moments of doubt of fear of uncertainty of relief of joy of quiet stillness you will always […]

I lost three days

Day 29 I lost three days like pennies falling out of my pocket I have no idea where they have gone If I wore proper glasses I could look in the folds for them under the cushions in the corners turn the living room upside down but they are gone leaving my heart heavy and […]

Heavy rain and bird song

Day 25 heavy rain and bird song another spring morning outside the window another day waiting to unfold from the quiet pause breathing I try to keep thoughts from intruding from creating ripples even for just a moment before I leave through the front door ~ #napowrimo2019 #poetry

Fever crept in

Day 24 II fever crept in while I sat at my desk the not so subtle reminder my body will fail me in spite of my will to avoid finish out the day it is all I can do still feeling guilty for not being able to work longer I slept in the chair when […]

Coming home

Day 23 I coming home we did not meet here at the corner waiting for the light to turn caught up in the rush to return home after a long work day bumper to bumper the bus pulls to the curb one empty seat becomes home for twenty minutes horn blares the driver yells not […]