50 before 50

It seems like a lifetime ago now, but it has only been ten years since my last birthday project when I wrote forty stories before I turned forty. To honour my fiftieth birthday next month, I decided I would put a gallery together of fifty pieces of art that I created before I turned the ‘big 5-0’. My hope, plan, loosely put together plan for this year is to create more space and time to get back to the brush, back to clay and stone, back to pen/pencil and paper. It is not certainly because I stopped being creative. I think would find a way even if my arms fell off to create art, but my intention is to do more.

My oldest, Andrew, is finishing up their BFA at Western University this year. I will admit that I have lived vicariously over the years of their time at Western and I have learned from what they have shared with me. One of the more challenging pieces I have learned this year (and have not yet attempted) is a formula for writing an artist statement. In fact, it is a series of questions that can be answered to create the statement.

Perhaps this is my next task after sharing the gallery. I will try to tackle answering these questions in a more intelligent way than current response: Gah! I don’t know.

In the meantime, fifty pieces of me:


{back to the brush} low tide – 2015



I woke up early this morning, which is unusual on a Sunday for me. Painting was the first and only thing on my mind (other than needing coffee) and while I waited for the sun to come up, I did some sketches for a new painting. It has been a long time since I last picked up a paint brush and worked in any medium. About two years. Last year I did not paint at all – not that I can remember. I did some drawing, but only a couple.

I didn’t intend for today’s session to be momentous or anything special. I just woke up and wanted to paint, so I did.  It feels good to get back to the brush. It’s been too long. I have ideas for more paintings. I will share as they come alive on the paper. For now, here is what today brought. Hope you enjoy 🙂



I was in the process of setting up the table and board to work on when I saw someone was thirsty, and clearly did not have the motivation to go into the kitchen where their water bowl sits. My mug of water to clean my brushes was a much better choice.

I like watching the painting emerge…  I am happy with the end result. The original photograph is below. I took this while on holiday visiting my parents in Nova Scotia in 2008. My kids and I drove down in October for Thanksgiving and stayed in Pleasantville, where my parents were living at the time.


We were on our way back to the house from Cherryhill Beach, when we spotted the full Harvest moon rising over the mouth of the La Have River. I stopped the car and grabbed my camera to record the moment. This photo is part of a series as the moon rose and then disappeared behind the clouds.

It is definitely good to be back painting again… below is the final piece… maybe. There might be more for me to do on this. I didn’t name the boat and I probably should.