“Peace is when time doesn’t matter as it passes by”


Day 2 “Blackbird”

From a very early age, my children and I have gone on little adventures together to the lake. We like exploring the shoreline together and have made many trips to Port Stanley, Port Burwell, Port Glasgow, Port Bruce over the years. I took this photograph on one of our early morning trips a couple of years ago. I always feel more at peace when I am near water.


“Love is often gentle, desire always a rage”


I was challenged on Facebook this evening by my friend Grace to post one of my black and white photos each day for the next five days. I thought I would take the challenge out a little further and share it here as well. I am not sure where this challenge originated (or where any of them do for that matter) but I am happy to be part of it.

Desire and rage, love and gentleness. They are interesting themes. This quote by Mignon McLaughlin that accompanied my challenge made me think to this photograph which I cleverly titled “orchid in sunlight”. I used to keep orchids until my daughter’s cat discovered how much he enjoyed eating the blooms. This was my last one before he got a hold of it.


I belong to an international group of photographers. Each month, we have been exploring different techniques and concepts in photography. For the past month we have been exploring ‘nonexistence’ . It was not an easy concept for me – it pushed me to look at my photography in a different way, which is wonderful. Here are some of my entries.