give and take

  A: There is a bin inside the door. B: I told you I would get in. Full scholarship. Yes, at my brother’s place. His wife in the background talking, yes. A: Did you hear me? Stop throwing your seeds on the floor. B: Heading out for Chicago tomorrow and then to the coast for … Continue reading give and take


  “Are you ok?” he asked. I stood on the gravel driveway looking for a spot to move my car to. Space was at a premium. We were just told in the office that the owner of the building was having the parking lot paved. The squirrel mafia ran in and out of the dumpsters. … Continue reading morning

letter on the path

Letter on the path   We took a well-worn dirt path into the park, instead of driving down the steep hill.  Purple and white phlox bloomed in the meadow around the first bend. Like paint spilling from an overturned bucket, the flowers rushed to the edge of the tree line and trickled through the dark … Continue reading letter on the path

{i am the sky}

In the early morning, I wake up before the sun rises. I drive through fields along the ribbon highway, rubber humming against the asphalt as the sun lifts itself up over the horizon, climbing with long thin legs over trees and houses and farms. This land is not my home. I have been other places … Continue reading {i am the sky}

March Pages

The idea is to build to filling at least one page a day… I am not quite there as far as quantity goes, and definitely not there as far as consistency goes, but I’m working on it. I have decided that I will post a little excerpt every few days this month,  maybe more frequently … Continue reading March Pages