that the days pass…

that the days pass….
and I wonder
a thousand wondering thoughts
rising up within
through the dust
of my mind
demanding to be heard
as though for the first time
again and again
an example – uncovered in
a picture frame turned face down
in a wooden box
what of me is wrong
that you would leave
leave everything behind
I blamed the wind for blowing
and you for following
and every wind that followed
through the swept corridors
of my life
oceans between us
where are you?
maybe you blame me
for the same wind
like watching a mirror
hoping to catch a glimpse
of the person I used to be
the one that you loved
and held close
promising the world
in your open palm
with the window closed
the floor is dirty
from the sorting and the culling
of memories and remnants
that I held on to
even when the wind blew strongest
….when I knew that I could never
be enough
not for you
that is the truth
I have never faced
but now, letting go
letting go
letting go
letting you go
the ache never smaller
or forgotten
as the days pass…
hoping now for something
dressed like peace
to ride in on the next wind

la tyson


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