night jasmine

Night jasmine lingers
On bare arms
Shoulders golden from afternoon sun
As I lay my head down
Lulled by fountain songs
Here along the pathways
Lit by tiny fairy lights

Vines creeping in a curtain of green
Embrace this table
Where candles sit like jewels
In the darkening evening
Only the shadows know
The leaping joy of my soul
As the mourning doves coo
Their sweet and lonely goodnight

The morning now seems long passed
When the light traced shadowed outlines
Of maple leaves on my skin
And I sat enthralled by the silent life
Of this beautiful garden

I watched as the day undid itself
Each moment the water leapt over
The edge of the stone fountains
And sunlight caught itself in
The silvery streams

It was the silence that called to me
This question –
How do you articulate joy?
It seemed an insult to use my voice
Just then instead the garden cautioned me
To sit with the question
Hold it within before
Letting the answer roll out of me

And so it has sat with me
The entire day long
I was unmoved and yet moving here
Among the blossoms and hanging leaves
The birds came and went
Flowers opened and closed in the heat
And the sun rose to its zenith and set
I heard the garden sigh contentedly
While I drifted along with breezes and clouds
And just now, sitting in a quiet corner
Looking over the garden to the waterfall
The answer came to me

I smiled.

la tyson


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