Life is a river…

drawn to the water
we watch, we drown
in the rapids
in the unkown maelstrom
to cleanse
to live again
life is a river –
jump in

i want to float to a quiet place
where the water eddies and swirls
in the shade of a weeping willow
whose branches lean
down to kiss the water

i want to sit at the river’s edge
on the wooden bridge
and dip my toes in the water
when the water gets too cold
and the minnows bite like sharks,
i will stand

we stand on the shores
we bathe in the water
to come clean
we drown
life is a river
streams, creeks, lakes
join and divide
all water flows out
to somewhere
life is a river –
jump in

we watch, we drown
we sit calmly in the water’s arm
balanced precariously
on a boat that should not float
we check for wholes, holes
in the boat
not a soul without us
another day of fishing

la tyson


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