all I can do is sit and write

all I can do is sit and write,
let the words flow through me
it seems that they are empty and elusive
they don’t meet the measure
to what is within my heart
but i cannot deny this pull
to express in some way
however fleeting…
in the stillness I can feel you
when fear and doubt are laid to rest
I see myself in you
with your compassion and kindness
the well of love that is your soul
I want to reach out and hold you
to feel you standing there before me
I don’t want to know life without you
it would the sun be without a sky
or a bird without the wings to fly
without you there with me
I would be lost in the endless sea
sounds cliché I know…
but the truth is you are my anchor
while chaos reigns around me
you are the calm I need to remind me
that I am everything now I need to be
my love you are the mirror
I can see me in your eyes
I am free in your eyes
I am me in your eyes
I am me
there is a freedom with you
that I have never felt before
you accept me for who I am
not who you want me to be
when the love overwhelms me
and I feel I am running
you quietly take my hand
and remind me that I am already
where I am supposed to be
I want to be lost in this simplicity
I can feel my wings unfolding
and it feels to me that the letting go
is in the flowing
I can’t kid you
you mean everything to me
I realize that I have been fighting
I see it now.. like shadowboxing
and being knocked down
by my own reflection
my own illumination
and from this new perspective
flat on my back on the ground
I see the world differently
fear sprawled beside me
and doubt scrambling to help it stand again
instead I will stand,,
leave them to wrestle in the dust
while I
let the angel fly


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