the rain last night left me sleepless

the rain last night left me sleepless
it sang against the window
in the deepest hours
left me restless and wondering
about the smallest moments of my life

where will this wandering take me?
though now i feel i am waiting
like one of those raindrops
hoping to fall from the window sill
to join others in something bigger
than myself

one day maybe i will realize
maybe not until the sun shines again
that in that moment before i disappear
to return again to the sky
i am everything i can be
i am everything i am

i watch the raindrop patterns
as they dance across the glass
i cannot make any sense of them,
but i know just what they are
there can’t be only one raindrop that
falls on a cold november night
and i am waiting for the sun to rise
stubborn in my blindness
waiting to understand
waiting to be free
waiting to be me



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