this day lies, rolled in darkness now

This day lies, rolled in darkness now
The cool night air slips through the window…
I should probably shut it
But don’t
The chill on my skin keeps me alert
Or at least gives me the comforting illusion that I am
The light from the candle is warm
My hand seems soft and unscarred
I smile knowing another illusion lies
And I think how can this be that I want to sit here
Wait for the phone to ring or a letter to arrive at the door
While you have gone again
The time will pass as it always does
No alteration to it will come
It cannot be stopped, not even with sleep
The dream will stay for only as long as my eyes close
And I know this with the heart
Whole and unbroken
Soon this deep night will leave itself
To let the sun rise once again into the endless sky
The wind will continue to blow,
Every living thing will draw breath as it has before
And I, I will watch the steam from my tea


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