Walk with me, dear one

Walk with me, dear one,
as the evening draws me closer.
The velvet blanket of night wraps around me,
as the sun slips behind the trees,
I am ready to sleep among the pine needles and maple trees.

In this last light, take my hand,
while I hold your heart close to me.
Let me embrace you once more.
I feel your warm touch against my palm,
and your kiss against my eyelids.

Come, let me tell you of my life…
It has unfolded before me like the blossom of a flower,
one petal, then one more.
Music has grown in the heart of me, with each new dawn.
Light has flown me through the clouds and love has brought me home.

Stillness and peace lies all around,
in this the autumn of my life.
My only wish for you now,
is to know that we live under the same sky,
we sing with the same voice,
and we are one – always.

Good night my love,
I sleep now cradled in the ocean’s azure light.
If you miss me, when I am gone,
look in your heart and I will be there,
holding you close again.


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