Whisper of a prayer

Whisper of a prayer
Falls of me
Eyes closed tightly
I feel I am moving
Though I know I am standing still
The rumor of a smile consumes me
Expected glance shatters me
Like a stone meeting glass
With the briefest kiss
As I sit amongst the shards
Bleeding from the bits of glass
I missed cleaning up
I think that I only want to hear your voice
If only,
As a drop trickles down my palm
Where is the grace in dying this way
Ears empty, heart torn
The flicker of light dancing
Along the white tiles draws my sight
Away from the ruby splash beside me
Pulling me away from the knotted pain
To brilliant clarity
That for a small brief moment, I thought
The pain could cure me of an ache
So deep within my chest
And no, the tears, not of sorry, but joy
Rinse all that was spilled away



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