I have never seen your face

I have never seen your face, but I
Have seen the colour of the sky through
Your eyes, and felt the sun warm
Against your skin.
A mountain stream flows from high rock,
To ocean floor
It cools the burning touch
Cleanses the heart and makes it full
The mango tree sits alone, on a grassy
Hill, branches laden with fruit,
In its shade, I sit, caressed by the heady
Breeze that curls around me.
I see you sitting on the branch above me,
Your legs dangling down, like the tail
Of a monkey. Tell me, how can I not smile?
Or laugh, when the fruit stains my shirt?
Our hearts embrace each time, like fingers
Interlaced and strong.
I breathe in and out, close my eyes,
In the soft grass to nap, while you watch me from above.



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