let us go together

let us go together
along the light of day
our souls will sing
with each step we take

it may rain along the way, I know
the clouds may hide the sun
each drop of rain a jewel
to feed the seed of change

we are the shifting breezes
that flow through the trees
the rose that blooms, unfolding
its petals to reach the sun
the stream tumbling and falling
over rock ledge to the quiet pool below
the shore shaped by the ocean wave

let go along the light of today
the journey is the destination
our souls are singing
with each step we take

storms will blow through us
we may feel weary and worn
battered and torn
but just as the wind blows
through a screen door
so too shall the sun shine

hope will propel us through
even as a tiny grain of sand
it grows from deep inside of us
from nothing to a pearl

we are the sturdy oak
whose branches reach skyward
and roots that embrace soil and stone
the mountain that will not be moved
the azure sky that will not falter
the sun that will not fade away

let go along the light of day
life is waiting
breathe deeply
with every step we take



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