not only in the quiet

not only in the quiet
of the evening do my
thoughts turn to you
i rest with the setting sun
soothed by a cooling breeze
still the days are grey
when you are gone
and i am left with only
the cats for company
( the black one thinks to
own the chair by the window
now and the other has decided
what space is left is hers alone)
not only in the stillness after the day
is folded and put away, watching
the reddening sun but when dawn
breaks the black cast of night
and i wake with the same joy the
sky has in seeing the sun again
because in that moment it is you who
i see or at midday, when
the sun is strongest, and
i find your pictures marking my place
in a book i just took from the shelf
not only in the evening, when
darkness stills me
do my thoughts turn to you and i smile.
i smile and think of you.



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