Standing in the meadow

Standing in the meadow
The mist swirls around me
With every step, my trail is barely marked,
the grass and wildflower barely move
– the past and future obscured
I am only here in this still moment,
I hear nothing, no rustle of the field mouse,
Or the call of the redwing blackbird
Only the beating of my own heart
And every breath that I take.
Quietly, I sing….
“as the blossoms fall down around me,
my face turned towards the sun
light outward, light inward
merge as one
tears and laughter join the stream of love
that flows from the heart
only one, only many,
still only one….”
As the last notes fade into the mist
I sit, embraced by the stillness, enveloped by peace,
time and space dissolve to nothing
as the mist fades in the morning sun
The meadow turns its face toward me, towards the sky,
towards the mountain, towards the ocean
In the quiet of dawn, I wonder, did I sing for the meadow,
Or did the meadow sing for me?
Lotus leaf floats
Drifting towards me
As I pass by
We two are caught
Swirling in the current
Time stops, and then disappears
As it flows into itself
And streams swell
From with in
The river breaks its banks
And floods surrounding lands
No mark of where it ends or begins
Flowing inside time,
Time inside time
Feelings, sublime
Washing through me and you
Somewhere, a child sings
A heart full of tears,
“somewhere, over a rainbow,
skies are blue, when I wish upon a
star, it seems that life is always far behind I hear the music rise with the wind
Off the water, its ripples gently rock me
I hear a flower unfolding, as
Light breaks through the clouds
And my heart sings
As lotus leaf floats
Drifting towards me,
As I pass.Waiting for you to say something
As if a dream has cast its shadow
Warping space and time
A spiral with no beginning and no end
Just endless turning
Outside the sun sets on another day
A few flakes of snow begin their slow
Descent to the yet unfrozen ground
Carried by an errant breeze,
Until they find rest
It is in this stillness, as darkness spreads
Across the sky
It is in this quiet moment,that I watch
The candlelight and shadows dance
In a slow lumbering waltz
And hear the flow of river water
And feel the pounding of my heart


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