a prayer while standing on the edge of change

Great Spirit, Divine One, Creator
who is heaven earth rock wind insect tree fox
human of every size shape color

Holy are your infinite names chanted sung whispered
shouted in every language, tongue.

We will midwife the rebirth of Gaia
as best we can
restoring the Great Law of Peace.

Guide our hands to the soil and seed
honoring the alchemy of food.
Let us remember your abundance
and share the bread of life with any who hunger.

We are for giving
and giving and giving.
We trust in the give-away.
We give and receive.

Let us be humble before the darkness and the light
walking in harmony amidst them.
Give us courage to know them intimately
both within and without.

For you have breathed it all—
the behind, the above, the below, the beyond.
Your awesome power courses in our veins

and animates our hearts.
You are the Great Drum.

We thank you

translation of the lord’s prayer
from King James to Gaian – claudia l’amoreaux

I did not intend to sit down to write a journal entry tonight. I was planning to do some reading, and catch up on the great number of posts that I have been unable to read due to various circumstances, but it would seem that ‘someone’ (the universe) has other ideas for me. something just fell into my laugh (hahaha upon re-reading, I must add that I meant to say ‘lap’ not laugh, but I will leave it.), and I feel that it is right to share it with everyone. The reasons are pretty obvious. I think that what has struck me most about this synergy is the direct nature of it… kind of like being hit over the head by a two by four. Tomorrow, a new adventure begins for all of us. I am excited by the coming changes, greet them with wide open arms, and feel that we are collectively on the cusp of something incredibly  beautiful. It is funny to me to say that – because I already thought I had found something beautiful here.

I have been reflecting a lot on my time here on Zaadz lately, which I know isn’t unique. Many people have been doing the same – it’s natural to feel the urge to do this, especially when our community is changing and growing. It is good to do. I realized, even as I went through an old entry of mine that I wrote about my time here – that I somehow had misplaced almost a year of being here. I was embarrassed a bit when I re-read what I wrote. I am a perfectionist to a certain degree. That being said, one of the ‘problems’ that I have is losing time. I can’t explain how it happens or why it does, it just happens, I do not keep track of time well. The year that I spent has in actual fact been more like almost two years. I joined Zaadz not knowing what I was looking for, only knowing that I was meant to be here. That kernel was planted somehow, and I stayed, coming and going, flowing with the energy, waiting to know what was coming next.  I posted from time to time, those things that held meaning for me in the moment (and of course still do hold some meaning for me), but I felt quiet. It wasn’t the right time for me. I have enjoyed meeting those people I have met so far – some have been very challenging, and even infuriating, some have been bright lights in otherwise dark moments. I have never felt the need to ask for much, if anything here but always  have I been surprised many times by the warm response that I have received at the right moments. Most of all, tonight, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you to Brian, Siona, Jessica, C4Chaos, ~Matthew, Michael, Sol and the rest of the Zaadz family, including every single person who is taking the time to read this, and every single person who does not. All of YOU have created a beautiful opportunity for all of us to create our place, our community – I love that it is evolving and growing, as a seed should. A seed doesn’t need to ask what it will grow into. It grows and knows already.  This really is our gift to each other – this opportunity to grow, imagine, create and become.

Whatever tomorrow brings, I am very grateful for that first moment when I signed up, became an ambassador and began my journey here. Wherever it takes me, where it takes all of us, I am happy. I am grateful. I am a better person for being part of all of this and for knowing you. We are the mallets for the Drum.

Thank you all.

May you be filled with the grace of knowing and embrace change with an open heart and mind

May your days be filled with laughter and joy

May each moment bring you everything that you need for your journey to the next moment

May your heart overflow with kindness and goodwill

And may you always find a way to share the beautiful gift of you.

with love and quiet laughter


January 14, 2008


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