what ails the heart
the obvious thump thump
that echoes through
the body
what is left unsaid
stopped by fear, grief
but knowing that the motion
the embrace
the reassurance that is held
between the palms
what ails
floats away on the breeze
leaving me standing
here on this hill
overlooking the lake
stilled waters and sunshine
my arms wrapped around you
while we watched the clouds
and climb over the frozen waves
until we are breathless
this is good for what ails me
this exploration of the broken map
of ice crystals, and suspended stones
of wood and sand reclaimed
of forgotten children’s toys
of refuse
of beautiful open water, resisting
the persistent touch of winter
where the geese fly and dance
and the water glistens like diamonds
this – this is what heals
I heard the lake under her
heavy mantle of ice
and felt her reach up to hold me
while I kept holding on
to keep holding on
this day
to the next
and to the next
until what ails
dissipates with the last wisps
of cloud – until the ice breaks
and melts into the heart
like this inner fire
that warms me
and radiates outward
to touch
to love
to live.

Leigh-Anne Tyson


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