down where the road turns

Down where the road turns
And disappears behind
The heavy leaves and trees
I will meet you
My friend,
One day.
The stones beneath my feet
Catch me from time to time
Hurt my feet, cause me to stumble,
Or fascinate me
To the point I am crouched on my knees
To have a closer look
Above the sky is clear and blue
The August breeze coll and fresh
In the shade of the woods
And I cannot help but linger
Along the roadside
Watching the butterflies
And goldfinch perch together
On the wild flowers
It is not lost on me
That at the same time
Somewhere, someone is sitting
On a cold hard slab of concrete,
Wrapped in ripped cloth, hungry and alone
Or that anger and hatred-filled crowds
Hurl everything that they can at each other
To destroy utterly what either side wants
It is not lost on me that despair and sadness
Sometimes looms large in the minds of others
Including my own
Those days when shadow outweighs the light
This is part of the roads side as well
It is the ditch and the fields beyond
The well worn path
Down there
Where the road turns
And disappears,
My love, my friend,
I will meet you,
One day


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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